Sailing in the nude. A team spirit of cooperation and respect for other people on board, are essential and desired for the enjoyment of all.

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A chance to go to the naked beach and raw sailing.

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Water Activities Try out the various water activities on board! Come and get a unique experience as you climb, surround by some of the best sceneries that Thailand has to offer.

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All aboard for the trip of a lifetime. Ways of chartering: Hana Macias. La foire Saint-Martin de Pontoise.

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A sailboat offers limited personal space, compared to home.

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Deane Arreola. Destination 2N: Episode 44 The Notorious Acceleration Zone.

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We cannot provide individual receipts.

Lovers of nature? Are you PADI certified? Cancel Remove. Our nude sailing holidays are planned according to local weather conditions for a more enjoyable navigation. Return to our base Athens on Fridays late in the afternoon.


Destination 1N:

Hana Macias. On Arabella, these possibilities are all available. Embarkation Athens: To ensure safe and trouble-free navigation, we offer in the price of yacht our experienced skipper Capt.

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Sail Aegean Sea cloths free, where virgin and wild places still existing and visit islands in comfort in the week.

Entertainment Tonight. Arabella features 5 cabins — all below deck - each fully equipped with amenities rivalling those of any 5-star hotel. Helpful Info.